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Leader: Jan Smith

Email: longerwalks@newmillsu3a.org.uk

Meetings: first Thursday of the month (start time varies)

See below for walk reports

Distance is typically 10 miles. We stop for coffee and then for a picnic lunch stop. Walks are at a speed of around 2 miles per hour inclusive of stops for refreshments, so a walk of 10 miles takes about 5 hours.

The walks tend to be hilly, some more than others - I can provide an outline of what each of them will involve for anyone uncertain about their stamina and fitness.

Wet weather gear needs to be carried (whatever the weather forecast) together with food and drink, and spare clothing in winter. Boots (as opposed to walking shoes) are recommended - paths can be wet at any time of the year.

Walks will start locally in the winter when daylight hours are short, but may start further afield when the days are longer. Transport to the start of the walk will be on a car/petrol sharing basis. If you are not a driver that will be no problem.


Our next walk will be on Thursday 7th October - details to be confirmed. New members welcome. Please email Jan Smith (group coordinator) if you wish to receive details of walks.


September 2021

River Dove
Hall Dale
Ilam Rock
Dove Dale
Dove Holes
Wolfscote Dale


September’s walk took us further south into Derbyshire, starting at the beautiful village of Alstonfield. The walking begin by dropping down the lane to Milldale and the tranquil River Dove where we then climbed up steeply and made our way over the fields to meet Hall Dale. At the end of Hall Dale we again joined the River Dove and sat by Ilam Rock to enjoy our first refreshments stop with a difference!

Two of our members had been unable to join the walk because they were hosting a tea and cake fundraiser in their garden. In support of this worthy cause, we took along some homemade treats to share and made a donation to the charity.

Full of cake and energy, we then continued through Dove Dale, pausing to look at the open cave features known as Dove Holes and ambled along the banks of the river before crossing over via the ancient Viator Bridge back to Milldale. Here we continued in a northerly direction along the peaceful Dove valley and Wolfscote Dale. At the end of Wolfscote Dale the path turned south and took us over the fields back to Alstonfield.

The weather was largely very kind to us despite the fact that thunderstorms had been forecast. Fortunately, the first rain of the day arrived just a few minutes away from the finish. No sooner had we got inside our vehicles when the heavens opened but by then it really didn’t matter!!

16 km route on Kinder Scout

July 2021

It was great to be able to enjoy a walk together again and only the second since COVID 19 impacted on our lives!

The walk took us up on to the southern edges of Kinder Scout starting from Bowden Bridge car park. We approached the Kinder plateau via Coldwell Clough and proceeded up hill to Edale Cross where we paused for some early refreshments. We then continued on to the Wool Packs to take a look at the distinctive rock formations where Howard showed some youthful spirit by climbing on to the tops! We then retraced our steps and headed over to Kinder Low, stopping for lunch by the trig point and then continued on to Kinder Downfall, where Ian dipped his toes in the water and Marlowe, our four legged companion, took the opportunity for a cooling lie down.

The journey continued to Mill Hill, where several members showed great interest in the site of a WW2 aircraft wreck. The wrecked craft was a Liberator, an American bomber. The final stages of the route took us over Leygatehead Moor to the shooting cabin above White Brow before returning to the start point.

The weather was ideal, visibility was good and the temperature was mild enough for some to wear just shorts and T-shirts!

An excellent walk with some very interesting features was enjoyed by all!

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September 2021