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We are local retired people who have formed a branch of the u3a

In the u3a everyone's interests, skills and experiences are valuable and we all learn from each other. Costs are kept low by members themselves organising and leading group activities.

We aim to provide equal rights of access for all to our u3a activities. In 2014 we held a Disabilites Sub-Commitee which was set up to further this aim. Our resulting Accessibility Guidelines are given below.

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New Mills and District u3a Newsletters

New Mills and District u3a Privacy Statement

New Mills and District u3a requires members to provide their personal information so that you can be kept informed about events and activities that are offered as part of your membership. In collecting your information New Mills and District u3a will:

  • Store it securely
  • Use it to communicate with you as a u3a member.
  • Share your information with group leaders/conveners for those groups that you are a member of.
  • Send you general information about the national u3a

The national u3a are the national office to which all u3as are affiliated.

On joining our u3a, and at intervals thereafter, you will be asked to confirm or otherwise the following:

Are you happy to be added to the direct mailing list for the national u3a magazine – Third Age Matters? In which case you agree to your data being shared with the company who oversee the distribution of these Magazines.

Please be advised that you can request for your data not to be used for the direct postal mailing of Third Age Matters magazines at any time by contacting:


New Mills and District u3a Accessibility Guidelines

New Mills and District u3a aims to promote equal access for all members and prospective members to group and general meetings.  To this end the Disability Sub-Committee has devised a set of guidelines to help group leaders to facilitate the inclusion of all members as set out in the following aims:

  • To identify and support members and prospective members who have disclosed a difficulty relating to visual and hearing loss, mobility and general health issues.
  • To help provide reasonable support for those members to enable them to access group and general meetings.
  • To assist group leaders by providing information on support structures available through charitable institutions and organisations, the national u3a and/or local government services.
  • To create the role of Accessibility Officer whose remit will be to provide information and support to members and group leaders as above   (Hazel Perry, access@newmillsu3a.org.uk).
  • To provide, where reasonably practical, adjusted materials to enable members with some visual loss to access documents
  • To advise and support speakers at general meetings on reasonable adjustments which support our aims.
  • To promote New Mills u3a as an organisation which strives to achieve equality and diversity in its activities

New Mills and District u3a Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

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Web Site Publication Policy

This web site publishes announcements and reports about our u3a activities, including descriptions of our activity groups and contact details at the discretion of individual group leaders. We are generally unable to include advertising from other organisations or personal advertising from our members.

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