Stanage Edge

Longshaw Estate

March Speaker Meeting Apologies

Rebecca Done sent her apologies for being unable to attend the March Speaker Meeting on 20th March, when she was due to give the talk, because of a family emergency.




May Meeting
There will not be a meeting in New Mills Library Lecture Room on Thursday 10th May, because of a field trip.



Message from the editor Mike Perry.
Sadly I am unable to produce an April newsletter due to lack of copy. I have only five articles and even if there was a sudden flood there's not enough time for me to edit, do the layout and get it to the printer by next week.





This meeting will now be on Monday June 25th.



After leading the Landscape Archaeology Group for ten years, I've decided, reluctantly, to call it a day. I need to recce each of the four chosen venues each summer, which means eight outings, and for me this is quite a substantial commitment. Although my general health remains sound, I've had to slow down a good deal during the last twelve months and now begin to find field meetings such as these more problematic than pleasureable.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all participants, past and present, for their good company and the interest they have shown in the history of our Peak District landscape. Ron Weston



Are you a Theatre goer?  Would you be interested in arranging bookings for the Theatre Matinee Group at the Royal Exchange, Manchester or other theatres locally? The Theatre Matinee Group is looking for a Group Leader who would be able to book and distribute tickets for performances.

For further information please contact the Groups Coordinator groupscoordinator@newmillsu3a.org.uk


The Italian convesation group would be pleased to welcome new members to their group which meets on the first and third Tuesday afternoons of each month.

For further information please contact the groups coordinator groupscoordinator@newmillsu3a.org.uk


Chatsworth RHS Garden Festival
Anyone interested in joining an outing on
Thursday June 7th please contact Outings asap.
Cost would be aproximately £38.

Possible new

Calling all Golfers!  Possible new U3A Group

Any golfers who may be interested in being part of a golf group with the intention of meeting once every 3 or 4 weeks between April and October for a golf day which may include a round of golf followed by a meal, at a course within the local area.

If interested please email me, Eddie Gaffney with your details.


Groups Coordinator

We are still looking for a Groups Coordinator.

If you would be interested in learning more about this interesting and important role in the running of our U3A please contact the current Groups Coordinator at groupscoordinator@newmillsu3a.org.uk

Full details of the Groups Coordinator role are available on the website Groups page.

Handicrafts Group

Do you have handicraft skills and would like to meet others to share these skills?

This Group is looking for new members and a Group Leader.

If you are interested in joining this group or helping in arranging the meetings, please contact the Groups Coordinator at: groupscoordinator@newmillsu3a.org.uk

April 2018