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Groups meet at various times and frequencies


Meetings, to which all our members and prospective members are invited, are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 10:30 am at New Mills Town Hall. Usually a meeting begins with a short business section, followed by refreshments and then a speaker. Seats are available at the front for people with a hearing impediment.

When speaker meetings resume in October, there will be no refreshments, until further notice.

See calendar below


10.30 am - 12.00 noon at Providence United Reformed Church, Mellor Road, New Mills.

Usually the last Tuesday in the month.

50p per person for as much tea/coffee and biscuits as you can manage

Everyone welcome, including new and prospective members.




30 November 2021

No Coffee Morning in December


Note that talks from April to August 2021 were via Zoom; talks from October 2021 will be in New Mills Town Hall as usual.
20 April 2021
Nicola Hardman
Dogs Trust, Manchester
Nicola's work with the Dogs Trust.
18 May 2021
John Hope
Time Through the Ages
A journey through time-telling devices over the centuries, showing the development and improvement of time-telling devices from the sundial through to the atomic clock.
15 June 2021
Alison Mees
Living the African Dream
Alison has worked in Africa for 16 years, helping to keep cheetahs in the wild. Her talk covers wildlife, conservation and community work.
20 July 2021
Simon Author
My Life in Crime
Simon's presentation deals with his career at the criminal Bar, his unusual family history for a barrister, and cases he has dealt with.
17 August 2021
Steve and Carol Robson
Fool's Gold
Steve and Carol will present a varied programme of songs with their stories, lots of audience interaction, and all the supporting visuals.
21 September 2021
No Meeting
There will be no meeting on this date as preparations are being made to reintroduce our meetings in October.
19 October 2021
Roger Browne
Not Father O'Malley
Roger is a raconteur, writer, musician, actor, director, and a regular speaker at u3a meetings. His talk is a humorous presentation. He will bring his own piano so we should be well entertained.
16 November 2021
Note: to be held in St George's Parish Hall
We are looking for new Committee members, Chair, Deputy Chair, Speaker Arranger and Business Secretary.
14 December 2021
Christmas meeting with Quiz
You will notice that the date is a week earlier than the scheduled 3rd Tuesday in the month, the reason being that the 3rd Tuesday is too near Christmas.
18 January 2022
Barbara Matthews
The 2021 u3a Holiday to Northumberland
An overview of places visited. Even if you didn't go, it will give you a taste of what Northumberland has to offer.
15 February 2022
Bill Whitehouse
The British Cave Rescue
Their services were called upon for the 2018 Thailand Cave rescue.
15 March 2022
Steve and Carol Robson
Fool's Gold
They gave a very entertaining presentation via Zoom, but are now back to give a live presentation. They are an acoustic musician duo who provide live music accompanied by stories and history of their songs. They are very engaging, involving the audience from the start.
19 April 2022
David Morris
The Potential of the Human Whistle
David is the World's top Whistler. He likes to leave 10 minutes at the end for question time.
17 May 2022
John Hope
Come Fly with Me
An illustrated presentation of places where he has worked over the continents of Africa, America, Asia and Europe. (John previously gave us a Zoom presentation on 'Time Through the Ages'.)
21 June 2022
Martin Lloyd
Passports, Assassins, Traitors and Spies
A dramatic account of how a group of assassins brought about change in the passport regulations; how the unmasking of a spy caused a modification in passport design; and how for one man the passport itself turned into a killer.


September 2019 Groups Displays


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November 2021