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Leader Jo Royle

Wednesdays 3 pm - 4 pm
at Spring Bank Arts Centre

(members should arrive 5 minutes before the start time)
A gentle introduction to t’ai chi, ideal for:
  • Beginners or those who have previously found t’ai chi confusing or difficult to learn.
  • Anyone who would like to try a gentle but effective exercise programme for their general health and wellness.
  • Anyone interested in trying t'ai chi as a complete beginner.

The t’ai chi we explore is designed to improve health, aid recovery from such conditions as injury, stroke, tiredness, surgical procedures, illness and stress and to calm the mind. It is one of the t’ai chi forms in the T’ai Chi for Health Institute programme.

If you are in any doubt about whether this is suitable for you, please feel free to contact me (details below) and if you think you need to talk to a doctor or other health professional, I have information sheets which help explain what t’ai chi is and does, backed up by medical studies.

Also bear in mind that you will work well within your own capability, you can rest at any time and do the whole session sitting in a chair if you wish.
You need no special equipment, just flat flexible footwear, easy-to-move-in clothing and a smile.

If you are interested in joining us please contact me. 
Jo Royle Tel: 01663 750665


April 2021