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Poetry Reading

Welcome to the poetry reading group

Coordinator: Linda Goulden

email: poetry@newmillsu3a.org.uk

Meetings: Monthly - 3rd Thursday morning
starting at 10 30 am

Each month we choose a poet or theme and each member selects a poem or poems for the group to read and discuss

Lively discussions usually follow which often give us ideas for the following month

New members would be welcome

Since March 2017, the New Mills U3A Poetry Reading Group has been registered with the Library Services as a book group. It is quite a help to share the same book and not have to make photocopies of the poems we wish to share with each other, but a disappointment to discover how few poetry books are available from the Library Services in sufficient quantities for our small group of seven.

We will probably have to return to themes and authors for some future meetings but we enjoyed discussing Jo Bell's collection 'Kith' in February 2017 and on 16 March we read poems from 'The Emergency Poet', the first therapeutic anthology compiled by the Emergency Poet herself, Deborah Alma. 

Possible new members for the New Mills U3A Poetry Readers' Group are welcome to contact Linda Goulden on 01663 732489
Other events for poetry lovers:
If you would like information out about other local poetry groups meeting in and around this area please contact me.    


May 2017