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Group coordinator:
Derek Peterson
e-mail: valandderekp@tiscali.co.uk
telephone: 01663 744 332
Generally once a month (weather permitting)

Next Ride: Wednesday November 15th

Details TBA

Future Rides:
December 13th

The Cycling Group

The cycling group, founded in 2007, meets once per month for leisurely rides of generally 25 – 30 miles in 4 – 6 hours including stops.  The outings continue throughout the year (weather permitting), mainly on minor roads in Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Cheshire.
We ride at an easy pace and happily wait for stragglers. A mixture of road, touring, hybrid and mountain bikes are used. Coffee and lunch stops picnics in summer - are an important part of the day at nice cafes or pubs.
The group includes some members from other local U3As with all members being encouraged to lead a ride of their choice if they wish.

Cycling in Winter - January 2015
Winter Ried (click on image to enlarge)

Winter brings a particular hazard for the cyclist.  You can wrap up for the cold, but snow and ice are particularly problematic. Not so bad cycling “off road” on tracks where the grip is better, but “on road” staying upright is more of a problem and such conditions are best avoided.

Snow was forecast for our first ride of the New Year and true to form it arrived and I had to cancel the ride.  The next day’s forecast however was good so out we ventured in glorious sunshine. The route took us from New Mills via Disley through Lyme Park, out by the West Gate and around to Bollington where we had a canal side café stop for coffee and snacks.  A proposed alternative section to my intended route took us steeply and very strenuously up a cobbled road over towards Pott Shrigley where we rejoined the route.  A long steep climb over to Kettleshulme and then a devious back road with more cobbles up a steep hill over to Whaley Bridge.  This was particularly difficult and most of the group were reduced to walking.  This was a most unusual sight.

We returned to New Mills via Bings Lane to Buxworth where some further refuelling took place in the sunshine near to the canal before the final hill over Dolly Lane to New Mills.

It had been a tough ride but the scenery and weather gave us a fabulous day. It had been designed to help remove the Christmas excess and it probably helped.   Keep them coming.  

Derek Peterson

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