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Leader: Jane Lennox

Meetings: monthly usually on 1st Monday
We meet at Spring Banks Art Centre usually on the first Monday at 10.30 am
Lively discussion, lots of laughter and the cake is pretty good too!
Books are provided by the local library – we never know the title in advance so it is always a surprise.

Book Reviews

Jill Armitage Haunted Derbyshire Quite interesting – especially the histories of the various places. Lots of reported ghost sightings, but the stories were rather repetitious.
 Keigo Higashino The Devotion of Suspect X An unusual detective story, as one knows from the start ‘who done it’. Once the Japanese names were mastered it was an interesting read, and a fascinating look at Japanese society.
Jan Parini The Last Station A historical novel about the last year of Leo Tolstoy’s life. The Russian names were difficult and the family relationships were not uplifting, but an interesting look at Russian society at the beginning of 20th century.
Julian Barnes Pulse Short stories, supposedly with a linked theme, though this was difficult to find. Not the most popular book we read, but there were one or 2 stories that were enjoyable and thought-provoking.
Andrew Motion Silver This sequel to Treasure Island follows the adventures of the children of Jim and Silver as they journey back to the island for the rest of the gold. Good descriptions and an exciting story.
Kate Grenville The Lieutenant Fictional but based on a true story, this book was about one of the first attempts to settlement in Australia. It chronicled the life of one of the sailors sent there to establish the settlement and take astrological readings.
Amitar Ghosh The Sea of Poppies The first book in what will be a trilogy, this book was difficult to get into because of the names, the several different strands and the language. But sticking with it was rewarding, as it became an exciting, different read.
Sarah Moss Night Waking Based in the present day and 19th century, this is a look at life on a remote Scottish island through the eyes of a woman with 2 young children, brought there by her husband’s research on puffins. Most characters were unsympathetic, but an interesting story none the less.
Ali Smith There But For The This book divided opinion more than any other. Some found it unreadable, but others enjoyed the puns, wordplay and interesting facts contained in these 4 odd, interrelated stories.
Peter Ho Davies The Welsh Girl With themes of nationality, homeland and belonging, this was an enjoyable story with a different take on the 2nd world war. Set in a Wales, it centred on the daughter of a Welsh hill farmer and a German in a nearby POW camp.
Meira Chand A Different Sky An ambitious and wide ranging story, set in Singapore. It follows three families from different cultures through the 2nd world war and the brutal Japanese invasion. It charts the fight for independence before and after the war.

January 2016