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Science and Society


Coordinator: Ann Apps

Meetings : Monthly 4th Wednesday afternoon, 2-4pm,
in New Mills

Contact: science@newmillsu3a.org.uk


The Science and Society Group

This group, set up in April 2009, looks at scientific and technological developments and how they affect our lives. Each meeting's discussion is usually led by a member of the group. No particular knowledge of science is required, just an enquiring mind and a concern for the role of science and technology in today's world.

The continuing programme depends, to an extent, on issues which have attracted the attention of popular media as well as scientific literature. This somewhat ad hoc approach means that we lack structure but enables us to keep abreast of contemporary developments and concerns and enables new members to join us if they have a particular interest. We look forward to developing this flexibility as we welcome non-group-members to come to occasional meetings and to suggest further topics.


Provisional programme:

22 January 2020 Rubber Ann

Recent Meetings

More details of previous meetings are available on our Science and Society Blog
  • November 2019: GPS and Earth Tides
  • September 2019: Lasers
  • July 2019: The Periodic Table
  • June 2019: Satellites
  • May 2019: History of Electrical Safety Equipment in the NHS
  • April 2019: Palm Oil
  • March 2019: Sewage disposal today
  • February 2019: Early Bacteriology
  • January 2019: Research in Antarctica
  • November 2018: Plastic packaging and recycling
  • October 2018: The Drake Equation
  • September 2018: Vertical Measurement - a standard for height?
  • July 2018: Transducers / Sensors
  • June 2018: Gene Editing
  • May 2018: Fibre Optics
  • April 2018: Sewage Disposal - a history

Topics of Past Meetings

Water Climate Change Milankovich Cycles Robotics
Human Evolution and Tools Development Famous Scientists Artificial Intelligence Citizen Science
Electric Arcs Longitude Lithium Nuclear Fusion
The Stirling Engine Sports Engineering The Geological Column Human Migration
Air Pollution from Nitrous Oxides El Nino / La Nina Measurement Finding a geostationary satellite
Renewable/Green Energy (biomass; tidal; water; solar; and wind power) Graphene Fracking The Rosetta mission
Nuclear Power Sleep Spin Offs from Space Geological Time
Satellites Drones Meat The Internet

November 2019