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Leader:  Lyn Gurney

Meetings: monthly
3rd Friday am
Occasional outings and meals out add variety to the proceedings.
The group jointly choose a list of books to read and discuss over the year. Meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of each month and take place in a member's house. Discussion, always friendly, can be very lively and sometimes a firm hand is necessary to restore order!

What makes a good book group?

Hopefully the most important thing is not how efficiently it is run and I can say that as Book Group 2's leader!

Then you need members. Now I'm glad to say that this has never been a problem and we can achieve an A*. Our meetings are always great fun although this does not necessarily mean that the chosen book has been read by all but always by a majority and the discussions are mainly (fingers crossed) about the book.

Next, there are the books. Borrowing books has become the more difficult aspect for the group as Derbyshire, like many other councils, has not only shut down its dedicated book club facility but also made it difficult to obtain the required quantity of any chosen book. Our group is fortunate in having a contact who works within the library and does her best in this respect. However, book choices have been narrowed.

There has been quite a shift in style in modern day literature and, even for the less serious readers, it can be fairly obvious that a book has been written with the intention of it becoming a film. Another trait, which is occurring more often now, is the intertwining of time periods in the book. This can be either an attractive or irritating feature depending on the reader's point of view. Or maybe it helps to keep those little grey cells active as you certainly have to keep your wits about you.

Lastly, there is the discussion about the book, which is, I suppose, the point of having a book group. The best discussions occur when there has been a diversity of opinion. Our group gives the books marks out of 10 and you can get bath a 2 and a 9 in the same discussion. I don't think we have ever given a 10. If everyone has either liked or disliked a book, the discussions can be very short.

Hopefully, book groups will continue despite the challenges thrown down by austerity measures. Whether Book Group 2 is a good one is not the most important aspect. It is a group who come together, enjoy each others company and do read books.

Lyn Gurney

February 2019